Having a disciplined approach to design frees team members to venture outside the usual boundaries for better ideas. EnZed projects typically move through six phases.


Concept development, brainstorming, copywriting

The stronger the foundational elements, the better the branding. Our creative team excels in original thinking and collaboration.

Strategic planning, experience mapping, and SEO

We work with the desired outcome clearly defined. Precisely whom do we want to reach? When? How? We ask the questions, then craft the answers.

Design, illustration, layout, and print production

Here’s where the magical meets the mechanical. Knowing what’s technically possible works to our clients’ advantage.

Art direction of custom illustration and photography

Finding or capturing the right image for each project is a challenge. Fortunately, we have access to a network of the world’s top creatives.

Project management, scheduling, and vendor sourcing

Details, details, deadlines and more details. The best design is the art of paying attention. Matchmaking vendors and projects ensures success.

Specifying specialty print techniques, papers, and materials

Print possibilities change rapidly. Partnering with top printers and paper merchants allows us to understand all the options.

“We see the end products of design all around us, all the time. But what we don’t see is the process that went into creating these ‘just right’ pieces. EnZed Design not only produces gorgeous results, but is able to shape the process in a way that takes the stress out of design. As magazine editor, I don’t always know what I want in terms of design – but Helen is able to work with my general ideas to produce pages that are exactly right. From elegant and artful colors to beautiful page design to producing infographics to explain complex scientific articles, EnZed has consistently over-performed in all of our interactions.”

— Garth Sundem, University of Colorado Cancer Center


Over two decades, EnZed's client list has included corporate and nonprofit organizations in medicine, public health, finance, retail, home décor, consulting, high-tech, recreation, printing and more.