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Salon Savvy

It’s a good hair day.

“A good hair day is the most amazing day ever!”, to quote the Urban Dictionary. Helping clients have more of them is the raison d’être for elle.b Salon’s Central location in West Denver. When the award-winning studio added skin, nail and brow services to complement their cut, color and extensions expertise, however, the word salon no longer seemed enough. EnZed Design was invited to collaborate on renaming the enterprise to communicate its expanded offerings and distinctive style. (A savvy decision, if we do say so.)

The new moniker, elle.b Savvy, was directly inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and creative genius of the owners, founder and master stylist Lindsay Guzman and Dani Tavbin, COO. We collaborated with them on the renaming, then created custom patterns to brand their new space. Here are the highlights. 

The starting point was Lindsay’s vision for rehabbing a character-rich 1930s building. A true tastemaker and stylist beyond hair, she worked with local artist Birdseed Anthony* to craft the exterior look, landing on horizontal stripes in green hues. We worked with these repeating lines and art deco curves of the architecture to create a suite of patterns for the interior elements and signage. 

Branding with a bang. 

Hunter, Gold and Blush from the brand palette are evident in the exterior paint and lettering and the perforated steel dividers defining stylist stations. The panels feature a custom pattern that was routed into the steel with a CNC, then powder-coated in Blush for a sleek finish. The Pincurls pattern, inspired by the capsule-shaped windows and green stripes, graces the doors for branding, adds a degree of privacy, then climbs the interior walls to define each space.

While Lindsay’s interior design set the tone, the patterns and signage pulled elle.b Savvy branding through the entire building, helping to realize her big picture vision. We thoroughly enjoyed brainstorming together and springboarding off the ideas and talents of these creative clients. Hair extensions are one of their strong suits … becoming an extension of an internal team to bring a project over the top is one of ours. 

*Worth a deeper look: Civic-minded artist Anthony Garcia, Sr. and the nonprofit BirdSeed Collective he co-founded. 

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