InComm Animated Greeting Card Prototype - Happy BirthdayInComm Animated Greeting Card Prototype - Happy Birthday

Animated Greeting Card Prototypes

When the largest provider of gift cards to national retailers asked us to create animated greeting cards for their eGift Card delivery, we jumped, twirled and buzzed at the opportunity. Our experience designing printed greeting cards parlayed perfectly into lively animated typography and illustrated motion graphics.

Just like a printed greeting card, these e-greetings are customizable—each design integrates the recipient’s name and sender’s personalized message—which is a unique experience in the e-greeting marketplace. (Off-the-shelf video e-cards are more the norm.) Each card is under 30 seconds long and features music that we carefully selected to underscore the celebratory experience of receiving a gift.

InComm Animated Greeting Card Prototype stillsInComm Animated Greeting Card Prototype stills

We created these animations using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to demonstrate the design and animation. Each card was then rendered natively in the web browser for mobile viewing. We collaborated with the client's back-end development team to make the final prototypes for online consumer delivery.

View our video adaptations of these online greeting cards below. Cheers!

Visit our YouTube channel for more animations —from 15-second GIFs to a nine-minute podcast.