EnZed_2016Website_SurfacePatterns_06 FCC_01EnZed_2016Website_SurfacePatterns_06 FCC_01

FCC Services Conferences and Governance Programs

For several years running, EnZed Design has created the identity and printed materials for FCC Services’ yearly conference series. The company’s 40th anniversary called for something special, so we designed a set of custom folders that were as beautiful as they were functional. Detailed patterns, created with tints of their signature gray plus and gloss and dull varnishes, added depth and texture to the layered pockets on the front of the file folders, elevating them from a simple tool to a long-lasting takeaway.

EnZed_2016Website_SurfacePatterns_06 FCC_04EnZed_2016Website_SurfacePatterns_06 FCC_04
EnZed_2016Website_SurfacePatterns_06 FCC_02EnZed_2016Website_SurfacePatterns_06 FCC_02

In addition to their conference series, FCC Services offers tailored Governance programs. We created a brochure featuring an eye-catching pattern and embossed type printed on a luxurious textured paper. The pattern was inspired by building boards, collaborative relationships and leadership skills. We continue to build their brand using surface patterns to create a unifying element across their myriad of services and offerings.

EnZed_2016Website_SurfacePatterns_06 FCC_05EnZed_2016Website_SurfacePatterns_06 FCC_05
EnZed_2016Website_SurfacePatterns_06 FCC_03EnZed_2016Website_SurfacePatterns_06 FCC_03