EnZed_2016Website_Packaging_08 FP Lucky 13_04EnZed_2016Website_Packaging_08 FP Lucky 13_04

Frederic Printing Lucky 13 Cards

We created a unique holiday gift for Frederic’s clients that showcased their new digital press, offset printing, and packaging expertise. Our theme, Lucky 13, set an entertaining (and fluorescent!) tone for a set of greeting cards designed to celebrate many occasions throughout 2013. The kit included messages for birthdays, mother’s day, anniversary/love, sympathy, congratulations, and so on. Thirteen cards, matching envelopes and stickers, and a small desk calendar were organized into five folders and placed into a custom box. Frederic got lucky. This promotion was well received by clients and caught the attention of Mohawk Paper who bought several hundred kits for their own marketing purposes. It was also featured on Paper Specs and received an Applause award from Art Directors Club of Denver (now The One Club).

EnZed_2016Website_Packaging_08 FP Lucky 13_01EnZed_2016Website_Packaging_08 FP Lucky 13_01
EnZed_2016Website_Packaging_08 FP Lucky 13_03EnZed_2016Website_Packaging_08 FP Lucky 13_03
EnZed_2016Website_Packaging_08 FP Lucky 13_02EnZed_2016Website_Packaging_08 FP Lucky 13_02
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