EnZed Design Stationery

Our stationery walks the walk with its use of patterns on every piece. For the envelope interior, a subtle burst pattern is our “safety blue” and a soft chartreuse pattern flatters the back of the letterhead. On the back of our business cards, three alternating patterns were laser-engraved on colored paper. The front features three-color letterpress printing. The front and back were then duplexed (glued) to create a thick and textural treat for your fingers.

32nd Avenue Moving Announcement

When we moved into our new studio space, we couldn’t bear to throw these special cards away, so we repurposed them into our moving announcement. The old address was “red lined” with red sewing and a small tag was attached showing our new address. The cards were inserted into a letterpress-printed moving announcement card and mailed. This creative approach caught attention in the design world, receiving the Applause awards Top Honor in the self-promotion category by Art Directors Club of Denver (now the One Club) and was featured on Paperspecs.com.